charlie vile


chas stayed with us a few months in 2003

he built this here bike-o-lounger while he was here, rode it all over town

the main problem with this bike is that it's so comfortable that the rider is apt to fall asleep en route...




       JOURNAL ENTRIES '95 & '96


mon oct 2

install heatercore ford wagon


tues. oct 3

install heater hose & top off radiator w / a.f.  ford wagon

cut counter tops for sinks

check fluids diesel truck

  "      "     chrysler wagon


wed oct 4

tune up '69 pontiac lemans

remove heatercore, check all fluids


thurs oct 5

replace heatercore

r & r thermostat

remove shifter toyota truck

cut counter top for sink


fri oct 6

repair door handles & windows toyota truck


mon oct 9

work at store

check elec diesel truck

fuel pump komac


tues oct 10

worked with ed on fence

worked on fiero


wed oct 11

moved lumber & pipe from med

unclogged roof drain /store


thurs oct 12

worked at med center

hang sheetrock


fri oct 13

worked at med center

hang sheetrock


mon oct 16

worked at med center



tues oct 17

worked at med center


wed oct 18

worked at med center


thurs oct 19

worked at med center


fri oct 20

worked at med center


jesus loves you baby


leap of faith


with all my heart

my body

my soul

my mind


ballast for light


physical stimulation = satan     ~ nobody cares


spiritual growth = jesus     ~ you're loved


spiritual growth achieved through hard work, studying scripture, meditation and prayer ... continuous prayer

physical stimulations can be overcome through faith, that the holy spirit will guide us to righteousness, that our hearts, collectively praising, the lord will lift us above the physical...


mon nov 6

worked at med center



tues nov 7

worked at med center


wed nov 8


pull filters   drain oil   diesel


thurs nov 9

replace filters & oil   diesel

check fluids   chrys wagon



fri nov 10

washed mr2

clearance lts   diesel trk


mon nov 13

install clearance lts   diesel trk


tues nov 14

finish clearance lts

work on toyota idle

service      "


wed nov 15

inspect front end chryslr wgn

more work toy front brakes

work on emergency brk gas trk


thurs nov 16

inspect rear brakes & seals toy

service gas trk


fri nov 17

clearance lts gas trk


mon nov 20

install seatbelt meredith

bolt gas trk

repair tilt steer ford wagon

fix lghts service rose's lemans


tues nov 21

meredith capri


r & r rear brakes


wed nov 22

pull drums & rotors chrysler wagon

wrapped fish

work at house


thurs nov 23



fri nov 24

r & r break pads & shoes chrysler wagon


sat nov 25

raked leaves


to him who sits on the throne

and unto the lamb

be blessing & honor

& glory & power

forever   amen


your humble, loyal servant

i thank and praise you

i can do all things through

christ who strengthens me


i am full of the holy spirit


thou shalt not cast aspersions on a mothers virtue


C = V


plug yourself in!



rebellion               } your attitude



law of 4 p's :

1. promise = you get what you need

2. principle = seek first kingdom of god

3. problem = patience (what to do about children)

4. god's provision = you get what you need...


beep ed @ #2


mon nov 27

service chrysler wagon

bleed brakes

worked at house


tues nov 28

chrslr wagon - brakes

lights diesel trk


wed nov 29

raked leaves

reva's house


thurs nov 30

worked on fiero


fri dec 1

worked on fiero some more

service big trucks

change oil / r & r taillight / wash susies chevy

wrapped burnt wire


mon dec 4

vacuum chevy

remove thermostat gas trk

3 mos yea!


tues dec 5

vacuum fridge

work house


wed dec 6

worked on toyota


thurs dec 7

repaired mirror blue wagon

worked at house


fri dec 8

worked on toy


sat dec 9

worked at house & toy


mon dec 11

worked at store


tues dec 12

fixed dryed

worked at house


wed dec 13

fix leak roof vent

worked at store


thurs dec 14

replace dist cap, rotor, voltage reg   toy

work at house


fri dec 15

worked at house


sat dec 16

worked at house


sun dec 17

worked on toilet

womens shelter


mon dec 18

r & r upstairs sewer pipe

womens shelter


tues dec 19

worked around house


wed dec 20

worked house & toy


thurs dec 21

worked house



how long do i wait laurel? what if i ask the lord for patience, that someday you may grow to love me as i love you? how many times have i already forsaken true love, in this miserable waiting game? is my heart so hardened, i think not, i love you with a broken heart that even our children see, yet you dont believe that they were conceived in love ...


7 feasts during year

3 spring  50 days  pentecost  3 fall  


4 aspects

1 hysterical

2 agricultural

3 sacrificial

4 prophetic


hebrews 2

pay attention not to drift away


fri april 5 1996

music drew a picture of me


sat april 6 '96

easter wknd

8 oclock havin coffee in the lutheran church in cave junc thinkin about the kids and leavin them for awhile.

"hi love"?



saw kids at park

shunned by laurel


rotatin thingh-fish trap


mon 4/8

praise god ... i woke up ... spent most day w / mark & david


tues 9

met mark behind market

"praise god"

seen my daughter

she said "hi dad"

hi music

i love you


wed 10

nadine heiser

(i love this snake)

st matthias episcopal

hang out at church all day


thurs 11

finally left cave junction

sittin behind safeway grants pass drinkin a red wolf ...

sorrow for leavin the kids ...

my hearts broke

maybe i'll find someone to fix it ...

think god


fri 12

great ride, last night got into sac, east side hitchin east, good luck ...

boy, it's been a slow day

god wants me practicing perfect patience ...


sat 13

well i slept by this on ramp, good sleep, a little chilly though. i'm not sober (smoked a bowl) but i'm dry. mornin, no water no coffee, i've got 1 hard boiled egg and some swiss cheese ... beautiful blue sky, praise god ... well sittin here, ate the egg and some cheese   2 mormons stop, give me a book of mormon said they can't give me a ride but they'll call a friend who can. right, so for the heck of it i start reading   an hour goes by and another new car stops   black guy in suit & tie   i ask him if his friends called him, i got his interest right away   he says "get in   i'll give you a ride and tell me what you mean"   i couldn't place his accent   told him of the mormons and showed him the book   also said i'm christian & my bible is all i need   he replied "here is my bible, read something while i drive"   i can't remember the psalm i turned to but "praise a holy god"   anyway, god brought lumballa from zaire to america, god got him into school and god was going to give him citizenship so he could bring his family over   oh, and god just gave him a new chevy so when he saw me he said he had to give me a ride because it was gods car. i do not claim to know or even understand what god has planned for me, but i don't think its ridin with mormons ... its midnight, i'm in a mission in reno. see ya mañana   praise a holy god


sun 14

free coffee at st. vinnies, praise and glory to a holy god ... shower & shave, good food, and a wonderful service at the mission   praise and glory to jesus whose love endureth forever ...


mon 15

seek ye first the kingdom of god ... back on the road this mornin, feel like reno is satan's playground ... been a week since i seen the kids, keep your angels over them please god ...


tues 16

mornin   caldwell, idaho ... 30 mi from boise ... havin coffee wonderin why i took this last ride and what god has in store for me in boise, i'm sure takin the long road east but i still got time before the gathering   i shall sing my praise on the side of the road to a most high god and have faith that he shall lead me to righteousness   amen   and maybe some work ... eatin lunch in front of capitol, neat building ... ran into some hippies   it was fun visitin with them, people should live free, not the warped idea society perpetuates and calls freedom - you don't need a cellphone ... just sittin contemplatin, the kids, laurel, nadine and her thing, bills incarceration, richie dyin, my father dyin, my sister, my brother, almost killin steve, and a bunch of other stuff and ya know regular employment, money, retirement, my old age, just don't seem so important, i want the holy spirit to guide me, please god watch over the kids ...


wed 17

slept at mission last night ... good sleep ... drinkin coffee, readin local paper at mcdonalds boise ... rainin cats & dogs ... dear jesus keep your angels over laurel and the kids, please watch over nadine & her kids, and mark and all those good folks i met in cave junction, & please god let your spirit guide me through my uncertainty for i don't know what your will is but i'm listening, i think my prayer, my dreams, my goals are useless without action, please help me act right   amen ...


thurs 18

"praise jesus"   up all night   cops followin me around   no rest for the wicked i guess ...


fri 19

sittin in the day labor waitin for a job   maybe - maybe not, aint gonna starve in boise ... thank you jesus for a sunny day, let me do your will, come what may ... no work, sittin in dennys havin coffee thinkin if i had sold my stamps earlier i'd be well on my way to drunkeness right now and i don't even know whycouldnt have nothin to do with a broken heart, or missin the kids or bein broke and homeless in a strange city and this is my pity party, but you know me ... that was 9:00 pm, its now 5 after one, met a bro, went 2 bars, drank beers, sold medecine bags, talked to sisters, shot pool, now i'm back at dennys drinkin coffee again, been rainin hard, weather man says snow ...


sat 20

the sabbath ...


sun 21

evenin, been drunk since fri night and havin fun in boise   i knew better, but had a lapse


mon 22

all day at labor hall ... work tomorrow. yea money ... god will supply all i need i reckon ... i sure miss the kids ...


tues 23

worked today, tore a floor out of a mobile home   6 bucks an hour and he wants me back tomorrow ... sittin in dennys havin coffee just thinkin, god knows my sinful nature habits i've grown up with don't easily change, i beg jesus to help me, i'll lay down with my face in the dirt and beg forgiveness, for i truly want the kingdom of god to be my eternal home, to praise my lord for ever, his loving kindness and compassion to encompass my heart for all time, please i beg you you keep your angels protecting arms about laurel and the kids amen.


24th may '96

a month later here i am ...


god is talkin,

what i need is

"response ability"


nov 1 '96

well i'm not even gonna think, just write, so here goes sompthin ... i left idaho with $600 cash, by the time i got to c.j. i had $300, 2 days on the road was fun i guess i don't really remember ... days are a blur, drinkin with white fox, bible study w / mark, seein the kids occasionally, generally livin life up to sept 24 when joe kicked the side of my face in, ambulance ride to grants pass surgery a wk later, 2 titanium plates, left side, one above eye, one underneath   healin well it seems, angry as hell, but that too will pass, i hope


nov 6 '96

still here, thank god, don't really know it helps, but it cant hurt, sittin in a coffee shop when i should be drinkin, so it goes   i'm missin the kids, "god keep your angels over them amen" its a promise i'll keep, lord, your love & protection for my children, for my obedience & love for a holy god ...

all praise & glory to a holy god

wish you were here ... excuse me lord i'm havin fun


thurs nov 14 '96

have been drunk every day since i left the mission and it's not so much fun anymore, just maintenance, it seems to me i will go totally down this path in my life wherever it leads, so help me god (no pun intended), righteous uncertainty ... love god love family love your neighbor and dont worry about tomorrow ... its easier said than done ... please protect laurel & the kids, thank you jesus amen ...