death by fire


40 bc?           marc antony's troops at actium burned in their ships

459 ad           sengqing chens, 23, suicide in china

487               faguang oi, 40, in longxi, china, suicide

629               2 chinese sisters, also nuns, suicide

1099             crusaders under godfrey of bouillon burned all jerusalem jews in synagogue

1243             all jews in belitz (near berlin)

1244            1200 of the 'perfect' cathars, including 200 at montsegur

1285            180 jews in munich

1298             all jews in rottingen, for desecrating "a wafer"

                     (in the late 13th century, 140 jewish communities in northern europe were eradicated.

                     survivors emigrated to palestine to live amid islam.)

1415             july 6, jan hus, burned at stake

1416             may 30, jerome of prague, burned at stake

1431             jeanne d'arc

1536             october 6, wm. tyndale, first translator of bible to english, burned at stake

1553             in geneva, michel servetus burned on orders from john calvin

1555             hugh latimer & nicholas ridley, first 2 'oxford martyrs' reformist english bishops, at the stake

1556             thomas cranmer, archbishop of canterbury, author of the book of common prayer, 3rd - yet central - 'oxford martyr'

1861             fanny longfellow, candle accident

1864             unknown number (10+?) of african american prisoners of war burned alive by confederate troops at fort pillow

1897             frazier baker, burned alive by mob of 300 in lake city, south carolina, for being african-american and accepting the position of postmaster

1899             april, outside atlanta, sam hose tortured, mutilated and burned by a mob of 2,000 for killing a white man in self-defense 

1904             june, hundreds die on paddlewheel steamboat general slocum in east river

1911             triangle shirtwaist fire, nyc, 140 killed

1919             may, woody guthrie's sister clara dies in a fire she set, arguing with her mother

1941             june, bialystok, polish jews burned by nazis

1941             july 7, radzilow, 800 polish jews burned by poles

1941             july 10, jedwabne 1600 polish jews burned by poles

1941             polish towns of wasosz and stawiski

1942             september 23, kortelisy in ukraine, 2892 burned by nazis

1944             june 6, hartford, ringling brothers circus fire, 167 killed

                     june 10, oradour-sur-glane - town population (642) burned in church as nazi reprisal

                     november, hazel ying lee, pioneering aviator, dies of burns after mid-air collision

                    december, 150 u.s. p.o.w.'s executed by their japanese captors

1945             february, dresden firebombing, 250,000 killed

                     march, tokyo firebombing, 100,000 killed

                     may, tokyo firebombing, 83,000 killed

                     august, hiroshima and nagasaki nuclear bombings, 340,000 killed

1947             woody guthrie's 4-year-old daughter cathy

1948             zelda fitzgerald, awaiting electroshock, and 8 other women inmates of hospital in asheville n.c.

1953             hillaire belloc, author of 'matilda who told lies and was burned to death', sometime anti-semite, by accident

1963             june 11, thich quang duc, age 73, in saigon, to protest persecution of buddhists

                     (same week as medgar evers assassination)

1966             may 29th, two woman, buddhist nun thich nu thanh quang, in hue, and ho thi thieu, in Saigon, and monk thich quang thien, in dalat, to protest u.s. policy. over the following week, five other women, mostly nuns, and three men, one a novice monk, immolated themselves in public: thich nu vinh ngoc, 19, nguyen thi van, 17, thich no dien dinh, thich nu bao, 24, thich dieu nu tri.

1966-74        vietnam: napalm

1974              may, 6 S.L.A. members

1975              bertrand russell's granddaughter lucy, suicide

1978              M.O.V.E. activists in philadelphia

1992              crystal bullitt

1993              100 muslim civilians at ahmici in croatia, burned in their homes by croatian soldiers

1994              betty shabazz, by her young grandson's arson

1990's            several sri lankan tamils protesting imposition of hinduism

1993               april. 95 branch davidians

1994               500 rwandans, gasoline supplied by benedictine nun maria kisito

                      also, 70 tutsi women and girls, ordered by health minister pauline nyiramasuhuko

1995               august 15, sabine kratze, in viet nam, german buddhist suicide, 5th to protest buddhist persecutions

1998               april 27, thupten ngodup, tibetan in india, protest suicide

1999               november 11, zhang zhichen, 32, falun gong woman, suicide/murder with her infant daughter

                       (according to german scientologists, her father was li hongzhi, falun gong leader)

12/29/99         prasanna mohanty, 26, of balasore, india, unemployed teacher, suicide in front of residence of orissa provincial education minister

?/00                15 turkish inmates, protesting prison conditions

1/10/00           mandeep pal singh sodhi, 26, lucknow, india, suicide to protest police harassment

8/18/00           bharat rao, 35, social worker in nadiad, india, suicide on indian independence day

6/00-9/00        43 women, 14 men, suicides in coimbatore district, india, depressed industrial area, over money, health, love

5/01                29 chilean prisoners

8/6/01             25 indian mental patients shackled to poles

9/11/01           100+ wtc victims

12/01              eduardo mino, suicide in chile to protest government asbestos coverup

12/29/01         276 peruvians in a lima fireworks accident

2/27- 3/2/02   182 moslems and hindus, mostly women and children, in n.w. india, in serial revenge attacks

3/11/02           15 saudi schoolgirls - rescue workers blocked by religious police because students were "unveiled"

5/02                8 north carolina jail inmates

10/02              angela dawson, husband carnell, and 5 children, house torched by dealers she was trying to run off

2/03                99 "great white" concert-goers in west warwick, rhode island

3/03-4/03        zdenek adamec burned himself to protest iraq war and general degradation of czech society, and was followed by 3 more

6/03                sedighieh mohageri of london and neda hassani, 25, of ottawa, of 7 iranian activists protesting arrests by france

9/03                kyung hae lee and park dong ho (korean farmers, suicides, to protest wto farm policies)

12/03              qadri gul, 20, afghan woman, suicide to protest/escape domestic violence

03                  100 women of herat, afghanistan, suicides, over the year, to protest marital slavery

7/04                88 indian schoolchildren