living in the past and inspired by the band fuck's fuckin awesome celebrity sightings page (fuck of geoff soule fame, tjo and naysayer bandmate), we now present

           hzl celeb sightings


kat bjelland - we opened for babes in toyland, 10/7/92

elliott smith - heatmiser opened for us, 10/30 & 11/20/92, 3/6 & 9/5 & 12/18/93, all in portland

mark seliger - unused "fashion" photoshoot, 1/23/93

mark seliger

exene cervenka & john doe - hung out with all except fred at and after our gavin report show, 2/13/93. we later opened for john at the alligator in santa monica, 4/5/97

shonen knife - jody flashed them through their motel window after the gavin report show. they giggled, 2/13/93

tom foley (speaker of the house) - about to join the band in chicago, fred saw him disembarking at portland airport, 3/10/93

thurston moore - went up to fred (who didn't recognize him) just as i was heading for the stage at cbgb's to go on, and said, "you better play your heart out - this is new york - you don't know who might be here", 3/23/93

phillip glass - we stayed at his house (in his absence) after playing cbgb's, 3/23/93

mudhoney - in denver, the club was completely deserted til the very last minute, when 150 people arrived. someone told us they'd just come from the mudhoney show and that the mudhoney boys had announced after their encores that if they hurried they could catch hazel at 7 south, 3/27/93

everclear - opened for us in salem, 4/10/93

jack endino - produced our first lp, 5/3 - 5/13/93

bob mould - we opened for sugar in seattle and portland, 5/18 & 5/20/93

michael stipe - at athens all-ages show with the spinanes, 10/11/93

mary stuart masterson - at austin show, 10/16/93

tres cool - shared sticky bud with fred before s.f. show, 1/28/94

jim rose - supposedly attended our first moe show in seattle, hidden on the balcony behind one-way glass with his posse, 2/11/94

ray davies - also at moe show

geddy lee - came to our show and hung out after, in toronto, 3/15/95


jon pareles - liked us, except for fred, at the academy, nyc, 3/24/95

mikal gilmore - came to our show at la luna with heidi snellman, 12/30/95 (i think that's the one)

carolyn kizer - called fred to announce that everyone in her poetry class in madison knew of hazel, probably '94 or '95

phranc - jody recorded and performed with her, probably '95 or '96