as long as i forget to die i'm fortunate
but should i choose which life to lose i'm grateful
i'll always sleep my heart is pure: exception
the windows when you opened them destroyed me
i never planned i never thought to dearly
but when you bought you know i fought sincerely
you only heard my loudest words no matter
we frequent things that make us free, remember


all you imaginary takers
got so easy to spot the fakers
lookit know lining up their fortunes,
like dominoes going through the motions.

  {the words come down again and i drop down dead.
   the latest variation on the hip sensation}
all hail the wonder of the day
it's so easy now that you're not in the way.
it doesn't matter cuz nothings changed
top 40 by a different name


shift down to be more specific
even though you look terrific
you could never be one of my heroes
i'm better off hanging with the zeros.